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We are a community pharmacy that provides quality pharmaceutical products and services in an efficient and customer friendly environment. Our products include a wide range of prescription products, over-the-counter products including medications for allergies, cough and cold, pain relief, select supplements and vitamins. We also offer help with diabetes self-management and education, smoking cessation, weight management and general wellness as well as medication therapy management, vaccines and vaccine administration. Please visit us at 339 Georgia Street in historic downtown Vallejo, California.

Meet Your Pharmacist

Pharm. D in Charge

Arthur Metu, RPh

University of Nigeria

  • "I am the Managing Pharmacist and founder of Capital City Pharmacy. Providing quality compassionate care is our calling, recognizing that people are most vulnerable when they are sick or in need of care. It is always rewarding for me when we can provide the care that makes a positive difference."